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College of Pharmacy

The establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Uruk to achieve many of the goals toward science and knowledge, and service the health sector, and serve the Iraqi society as a whole and on this basis, the Faculty of Pharmacy is generally aimed at: 
1. give an idea of specialized programs and pharmaceutical plans, and also lay the basic pharmaceutical sciences and the development of initial skills for the student to practice the profession of pharmacy. 
2. Preparing students and attract them towards specialized programs pharmaceuticals and plans to practice the profession of pharmacy better. 
3. Instruct students to interact with the surrounding environment and the development of solutions for the advancement of the regional community problems. 
4. Study of materials related to the pharmaceutical sciences such as bio-medical chemistry, microbiology, immunology science, medical physics, disease organisms, anatomy and tissues, nutrition, as well as computer and its applications in pharmacy. 
5. Teaching the pharmaceutical sciences in general, with a focus on the dynamics and kinetics of the drug, drugs and herbal extracts, bio-pharmacy, analytical pharmacology, medicine and technology motor technology Pharmacy, installation and drug discovery. 
6. Familiarize students with all the information about drugs in terms of their work, a great use with the definition and seriousness of side effects. Also said the use of medications with diseases involving the use of these drugs the way. 
7. Teach all the information about names and how the drugs used in prescriptions and pharmacy accounts also learn skills in the preparation of these drugs. 
8. Students training models for pharmaceutical care in order to reach satisfactory results better health. 
9. skills, abilities and behaviors necessary development and values required in the fields of pharmacology theory and practice to get graduates to fully understand the value of health care. 
10. The thinking skills students develop to address the clinical and critical problems to increase their ability to solve these problems and achieve the best pharmacy care for patients. 
11. Teach individuals who are able to do independent research and in-depth studies and specialized in any branch of the pharmacy branches with plans to provide students educational and technical laboratory in the fields of industry, academia, government, or any other areas 
12. Teach students to graduate pharmacists to work in the branches of Pharmacy to serve patients and the community in all areas - the supply of students the types of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes and values necessary in the field of pharmacology theory and practice with the development of the understanding of pharmaceutical care value -tnumeih understanding and access to assess critical situations - giving a model of pharmaceutical care and that lead to the improvement of the final results and to the health of patients Provide valid for the analysis of pathological conditions environment 
13. Activating the role of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the creation of student work collective Specialist and communicate with the community. 
14. Students and graduates training and management of the pharmacy institutions leadership skills to qualify them to become leaders in their communities. 
15. Graduate pharmacist has the know-how and experience the types of pharmaceutical products from various sources. The all drug Information (uses the drug-drug movement-effects Ganbeh- interactions of drugs .... etc.) 
16. Activating the role of the Faculty of Pharmacy to serve patients and the advancement of Iraqi society. 
17. Establish specialized research centers in different pharmacy to work on solving the problems of society Ocean Science in collaboration with research centers within the University and other
College vision:  
See include the College of Pharmacy to acquire skills and achieve international standards in the field of pharmacist education, scientific research and the development of innovation and development and adaptation of all to serve the goals of the state sector in all areas pharmacist capabilities. 
The overall message: 
Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Uruk established on the basis of an educational program has been prepared at the highest levels in order to graduate pharmacists and experienced professionals to take an active and influential role in the areas of health care and pharmaceutical manufacturing, analysis and quality control. The program also gives graduates the necessary foundations for the development of pharmaceutical information and update the practice of the profession of pharmacy to optimize the use of the drug and use and rationalize consumption levels so as to reach a better level of health of Iraqi society, through: 
1. Education, training and maintaining the graduation of pharmacists specialists at a high level of skill in order to do the transfer and innovation and dealing with modern information based on clear research in the pharmaceutical, social and clinical sciences, so as to improve and facilitate the form of life through the achievement of good health for the community. 
2. Modernize and develop the practice of pharmacology. 
3. Preparation of distinct programs contains a scientific education and central to the student who is a pharmacist efficient and effective. 
4. Granting Bachelor of Pharmacy program, which makes the student able to understand the foundations, built on it to pharmacology. 
5. The granting of student and graduate qualification extensive information in pharmacy and sciences related and give skills in scientific research in order to employ them to perform their role in higher education, government services and the manufacture of medicine and health care. 
6. Grant programs in the optimal use of the drug and use and rationalizes consumption and avoids the health effects. 
7. The establishment and development of quality and service research programs to gain access to new research results correspond to the strategic goals and meet the health care needs in the community as a whole, and also meet the required practice for pharmacists and other health-disciplinary skills. 
8. Develop a sense of ethical and professional responsibility and Continuing Education pharmacist. 


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